Friday, March 31, 2017

Review: Feral by James DeMonaco and Brian Evenson

Feral by James DeMonaco and Brian Evenson
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Publication Date April 4, 2017

From James DeMonaco, the writer/director of The Purge film franchise, comes the provocative and terrifying last stand of a lone outpost of women in the wake of a deadly pandemic. 
Allie Hilts was still in high school when a fire at a top-secret research facility released an air-borne pathogen that quickly spread to every male on the planet, killing most. Allie witnessed every man she ever knew be consumed by fearsome symptoms: scorching fevers and internal bleeding, madness and uncontrollable violence. The world crumbled around her. No man was spared, and the few survivors were irrevocably changed. They became disturbingly strong, aggressive, and ferocious. Feral. 
Three years later, Allie has joined a group of hardened survivors in an isolated, walled-in encampment. Outside the guarded walls the ferals roam free, and hunt. Allie has been noticing troubling patterns in the ferals' movements, and a disturbing number of new faces in the wild. Something catastrophic is brewing on the horizon, and time is running out. The ferals are coming, and there is no stopping them. 
With Feral, writer/director James DeMonaco and acclaimed novelist Brian Evenson have created a challenging and entertaining novel of timely horror and exhilarating suspense."

Review: The premise of this was really interesting. The POV switched between characters and 1st and 3rd person and was sometimes confusing. Also, epilogue was the title of the first part and prologue was the title of the last bit, while that may be some clever twist possibly, it's not something that is easily seen and may confuse some readers. I felt if the POV switched between just Allie and Kim and stayed consistent, 1st or 3rd not both, it would have read better. Possibly putting the Dr.'s POV in letters would have made sense. Overall, loved the story and seeing as how it was written by someone who has done a movie before I would love to see this as a film, it kinda reads like one.

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