Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Denver's Calling by JJ Harper Cover Reveal and Excerpt

I’m such a damn coward. I berate myself as I watch the only two men who have my interest tonight. Just grow a pair, Sinclair, and go dance with them. I watch as they move together—they could be the only two men in the room for all I know—they have my total attention as the room fades, leaving only them in my sight.
The song changes and a harder, dirtier beat comes through the speakers. I don’t recognize it, but it’s good. I watch as Kes turns East around so his back is pressed against Kes’ front. East’s hips sway, rubbing his ass over the front of Kes’ jeans. It’s so fucking sexy.
Whether it’s the couple of beers I’ve had, the noise of the music, or the heat coming from the bodies around me, that has me intoxicated but urge permeates me, directing my thoughts to the two young men I walked in with not ninety minutes ago. My feet move of their own volition and I weave between the writhing, sweaty bodies. Kes has his mouth on East’s neck, sucking on the soft skin, the bright, multi-colored lights bouncing off their skin highlights the sensuality of the kiss on his damp flesh.
A moan creeps out of me as I reach them and, again, with no forethought, my hands are on East’s hips as I press my lips up to his. East parts his lips fractionally and the hot tip of his tongue slides over the seam of my lips. Opening to him, my tongue slips tentatively over his. Fuck! The taste of him sends me reeling, my head spinning as I lose myself in him; I can’t get enough.
The kiss intensifies as I press my body harder against his. We sway to the beat, Kes’ hands on my hips as East grips my head, holding me in place. Our tongues dance lazily as we learn each other’s mouths. My eyes open when the hard length of East’s dick presses into me. He nudges me with his hips, eliciting another soft moan from me.
“My turn, I think.” Kes’ gruff voice reaches me and I feel East pull away and twist me around.
Suddenly, I’m the one in the middle; East’s front against my back as I look at Kes. His dark eyes are heavy, his desire apparent as he draws me closer. 
“Oh, baby, I’ve been waiting to do this again for so long.” Letting the tip of his tongue slide over his bottom lip, leaving a sheen in the roving lights, Kes whispers as his mouth skims over my already kiss-swollen lips. His tongue glides over my bottom lip before he pulls it between his teeth and tugs gently. Then it’s on! His tongue invades my mouth, dueling with my own, his dominance obvious but so sexy. He sucks on my tongue and I groan hard, my hands wrapping around his shoulders and into his hair. 
East’s hands clench around my waist, his fingertips, easing under my t-shirt and caressing my highly sensitive skin, leave what feels like scorch marks in their wake. I need more. I don’t know what it is I need, but this isn’t enough. East pushes his groin into my ass cheeks and I gasp at the feeling, the hotness of his hands, along with his erection, sends all sorts of signals to my befuddled, kiss-drunk brain.
Kes slows his kiss down and ends with delicious nips and nibbles over my lip. “I think we need to get out of here, we’ve become a show.”
I open my eyes and notice the men around us staring, not with disapproval but with desire and envy. I feel East’s warm chuckle against my neck as he plants his mouth on my skin.

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