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Happy Release Day, JJ Harper and Narrow Margins!!

Well known as a playboy, Griff Broderick, MotoGP world champion, didn’t realize a chance meeting in a club would lead to him looking at his life in a whole new way. What was more surprising to him, the person who changed his life was a man!
Twelve hours after the greatest night of his life, a knock on his door threatens to take that life away from him. Choosing to take the chance, Griff ignores the offers of help from the one person who knew the truth: Corrie Deschamps. Losing his job, Griff has time to ponder his errors and mistakes. He knows, the biggest one was losing Corrie.
Corrie Deschamps, injured army veteran, knows the night with Griff Broderick was only a one night thing but the stubborn man’s refusal to accept his help has Corrie frustrated. Was Griff really so ashamed to admit he was with a man? But then Corrie stumbles into a life he never expected, with a man he thought he’d never see again: his brother, Raff McMahon. He tries to forget the one night he spent with Griff Broderick, the greatest night of his life.
Another meeting, at De’ath of You Enterprise headquarters, brings them together again. Corrie’s reaction is not one Griff, or the owners of De’ath of You, expected. Refusing to have anything to do with him, Corrie storms off.
Griff knows how hard he is going to have to work to prove himself to Corrie, to get his forgiveness for rejecting him and his help. How can he prove Corrie is the man for him? That he will never want another person, male or female.
Corrie doesn’t trust Griff, never believing the gay-for-you premise, but he wants him. Corrie’s body yearns for him. Can he get over his fears and accept him into his life, and into his heart?
Will Griff be prepared to be seen with another man? Will he accept his sexuality? What happens when he gets bored and wants to return to the race track and MotoGP? Is there a place for Corrie in that lifestyle?
It’s time for them to man up and claim the love and life they want.
This is a gay love story and involves hot, steamy sex between two men and is therefore recommended for readers over the age of eighteen.

📚📚📚My Review📚📚📚
This is the first book I have read by JJ Harper and I fell in love with Corrie and Griff, along with all of the other men whose stories I am now determined to read. I absolutely love reading mm romances and sometimes they come off as unbelievable, that was not the case with this. The fact that Corrie questions Griff’s feelings and sexuality throughout is so realistic. This book has hot men and hotter love scenes. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves a good mm romance.

The music pulses through the speakers and the crowd is hot and sweaty but I’m not feeling it. The euphoria from the race track has gone and I’m stuck here, leaning back against the bar. The fucking Pit Bunnies are out in force tonight, each one out to fuck a rider.
The top bunny Shannon Abrahams, clings to my arm, stroking her hand down my chest. Shrugging her off, I look at over-made up face—you can’t see the real woman under layers of thick make-up and false eyelashes. Her lips are slick with some sticky pink shit, and the thought of her mouth on mine is enough to turn my stomach. Why do women always latch on to me? I’ve developed a reputation as a man-whore but it’s all hype, these women only want to be with me because of my status, not because they like me. Sure, I’ve fucked a few but it’s never anything more. I’m not all muscles and buff; I’m normal, standing a couple of inches under six foot and lean. Almost too skinny because of needing to keep my weight down for the bike. My hair is always too long and scruffy and I’m in permanent need of a shave.
“Look, Sharlynne, go and find some poor fuck to sink your teeth into; I’m not interested.” I drawl, my voice sounding bored. This one is really nauseating, with her over-powering, cloying perfume.
“It’s Shannon and, Griff, baby, I can make you feel so good. Y’know, relieve your tension. I can feel your strong muscles all hard and flexing under my hand. I know what you need.” She gazes up through her thick, fake lashes, that are so coated in mascara they resemble spiders’ legs.
“I don’t care what your name is, just fuck off.” I scan around for my wingman, Pipes. He’s always happy to take my cast-offs. Spotting him talking to some other mechanics, I shout over the noise, “Hey, Pipes!” and watch him look up. Inclining my head towards the slapper next to me, he smiles and walks across.
“Hey, Shannon-baby, you’re looking smokin’ tonight, what do you say to a bit of fun? Y’know, I’m hearing Casey is looking for a threesome tonight.” My buddy leans into the sickly-sweet smelling blonde, “I hear he’s been waiting for you to be free.”
I watch the sleazy girl as her eyes light, and, with hardly a glance in my direction, she traipses away with Pipes. He looks over and winks. I know that wink: he has no plans to introduce her to Casey. I laugh out loud as a huge frame bumps into me there and I feel the slop of cold beer drench my shirt.
“Whoa, sorry, man, it’s a tight squeeze in here tonight.” The bright blue eyes twinkle mischievously at me as his smile sends a jolt through me. Okay, that’s new, but I’m buzzing and not because of any alcohol, simply high from the win.
“Hey, no problem, it’s bound to happen, it’s crazy in here tonight.” I smile back, what the fuck! This guy throws beer over me and I’m fine?
“I’m really sorry; please, let me buy you a drink.” His smile draws me close to him, what the hell is going on? But, damn if he doesn’t smell good.
“I’d like that, thank you. I’m Griff.” I smile back and hold out my hand. He laughs and grabs it, I can feel the rough hardened skin grasp mine and the feeling sends bolts of electricity through my body, straight to my dick. Fuck! What is happening here?
“I think everyone knows who you are, but it’s great to meet you, Griff. I’m Corrigan, well, Corrie to my friends.” I watch a gorgeous blush spread up his neck and over his cheeks.
“Okay then, Corrie,” I wink, “shall we take a seat?” Did I just wink at a hot dude? Fuck, did I just think he was hot?
I guide him over to the roped-off section, two burly men, dressed in black, standing either side of it. Noticing he has a slight limp, I slow my gait for him to keep up. The men greet me with a nod and the one on the right unhooks the clasp of the thick, red rope to open it for us. I lead Corrie through to the alcoves, lining one side of the club, exclusive to the riders and their guests.
I take the few steps up to the half level and sit down on the dark leather seats, moving up to make room for Corrie to join me. I watch a smile spread across his face and a chuckle escapes him as he focuses on me again.
“Why were you slumming it up against the bar when you could’ve been here?” His eyes widen as he gets a good look around.
“Yeah, it’s not really my scene, it’s normally full of dicks just taking their pick of the girls dancing down there.” I shrug and look at the scantily-clad girls desperate to be noticed.
“Oh, yeah, nor mine, although it’s been a while since I’ve been anywhere like this.” A strange look of loss crosses his features.
“Been away?” Then, as a server comes up to take our order, I ask, “What do you want, Corrie?”
He peers up as if he’s been miles away. “Oh, just a beer for me, please.” He smiles at the pretty girl and, damn, that sends a sharp pain to my chest.
She walks away to fetch us two beers.
“So, how come you’ve been away from all of this?” I wave my hand in the direction of the club.
“Oh, Afghanistan has been my home for a while.” He smiles sadly, there’s more to it than this, but who am I to pry?
“Thank you for your service. You must be very proud.” I smile, I want this man to like me. I don’t know why though.
“No, I don’t think killing people is ever something to be proud of.” His low voice and sad words have me reaching out to touch him. My hand covers his and his eyes shoot up to mine.
“I’m sorry, it was a dumb thing for me to say. I’m always saying dumb things when I’m nervous.” God! I’m jabbering away. Shut the fuck up, Griff. Get a grip.
“Why should you be nervous? This is your party, you’re Griff Broderick, World Champion again! That’s huge, man.” This time, Corrie’s smile is happier.
“Yeah? I don’t know, there’s something about you that makes me nervous.” It’s my turn to lower my voice. I notice he hasn’t moved his hand away from mine. In fact, he turns it over so his fingers link with mine.
“I get that, you’re doing something to me I never expected.” Corrie’s eyes bore into mine.
“What’s that?” I swallow hard, almost dreading his answer.
“You’re the great Griff Broderick, always surrounded by beautiful women. I didn’t expect you to be interested in me.”
“Neither did I, fuck! You’re making me think and want things I’ve never even considered before.” I feel a blush spreading across my cheeks and I duck my eyes down, away from him. Why the hell am I am saying these things? “Shit, I can’t believe I’ve just said that to you.”
“And what’s that? What do I make you want?” Corrie’s husky voice hits me and my dick shoots to attention.
“Jeez, this is gonna sound crazy but I want you.” I stutter the words, not believing I said that out loud.

Griff and Corrie not getting on!!
We are so close, we breathe in each other’s breath. I want to grab his head, bury my fingers in his hair and pull him closer, so I can kiss him. Corrie’s eyes are fixed on mine, the brilliant blue flashing silver at me and I recoil, taking a step back.
“I’d never thought about whether I’m straight or gay, I just had women coming on to me. I just went with them. Hell, I still wanted to fuck! But after my night with you… fuck, I got thinking and yep! I reckon I’m gay.” I stutter as he glares at me.
“You’re kidding me, right?” Corrie shakes his head and laughs at me. “You’re not gay, Griff. A couple of blowjobs and a simple ass fuck does not make you gay. Gay is something you’re born with, it’s not a conscious decision, like ‘Oh, y’know what, I think I’ll try gay.’ It’s deep down, it grows and consumes you. I have never been with a woman. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate beauty in a woman. I can accept a body in good shape, but I have never kissed a woman, let alone fuck one.”
Walking a few steps away from me, Corrie is still laughing as he shakes his head.
“Fuck you, Corrigan! You don’t get to talk to me like that. I have been honest with you and you throw it back in my face.” I still want to kiss him, the bastard.
“Okay, so, in the… what is it, eight? Ten months, since I fucked you, how many men have you been with?” Corrie continues to mock me, I want to hate him right now.
“What’s that got to do with it?” I twist around to glare at him.
“Everything, dude. Gay men want to fuck, like all the time.” His smug smile is back and I want to hit him! Or is it kiss him?
“Oh, that’s crap! So, I’m asking you now. When did you last have a cock in your ass, or yours in someone else’s?” I watch his face blanch. Bingo!!
“That’s got fuck all to do with this. I know I’m gay. You just think you might be. There’s a huge difference. Believe me.” Corrie looks as pissed as I feel.
“Looks like I hit a nerve there?” It’s my turn to smirk.
“Fuck you!” He spits. “I’m going home, d’you want a ride?”
I really want to say no, to tell him to fuck off. But I don’t know where I am so I’m going to have accept. “I don’t really have much choice, do I?” I snarl.
“You’re the one who didn’t know where you were going.”
“Yeah? And I still have no idea where I am.” I hear the resignation in my voice, I’ve given all I can and it’s not enough. Well, fuck him! I don’t need this shit, all that modelling crap this morning. I’m going to get back into racing, I’ll call Manny. “I’ll take the ride back, I need to get my shit together.”
I ignore the strange look he gives me as we walk back to the car, close enough to touch yet so many miles apart. I hate this, but fuck it and fuck him; I don’t need this. I need a shit hot bike between my thighs and the roar of the crowds.

Griff’s Point of View
“Because you’re scared it wasn’t that good?” I watch as he nods, “Trust me, babe, it was that good.” I whisper and reach up to kiss his cautious face. “Wanna check?” I wink, expecting him to laugh and shrug it off.
“Yeah, I do.” I watch as he swallows hard. “But not tonight, I’m exhausted and have taken another painkiller, but, when we’re both ready, we will.”
Anxious butterflies wake up and bluster around in my stomach. Shit, what if it’s not as good as he remembers?
“Why are you suddenly looking so nervous? Are you having second thoughts? Because, we can back off.” Corrie looks as if he expected this.
“No! No, I’m just worried that maybe it won’t be as good for you. That it won’t be what you remembered it to be. It’s narrow margins again, the difference between reality and memory, of expectations and disappointments. Y’see, I remember it as being that good, too.”
Letting him take control, I melt against him and my fingers tangle with his. When he breaks away, his eyes flare with lust as they burn into my own.
“We need to stop, Griff; I want to do this right. I’m not going to rush it.” His expression is so honest, I can only nod. Dipping his head, he kisses me softly this time. “Good night, Griff.”
I lie in his arms for a long time, listening to his quiet breathing. Every now and then, his fingers twitch and tighten around my body. My head is full of thoughts and images of my life or, more specifically, my sex life. Is this why I never felt a connection with the women I fucked in the past? Have I simply assumed I’m supposed to be straight? No, it’s not that: I like women. I like the softness of their bodies, I like the way they smell and even taste. But none of them compare to the feel of Corrie’s skin, and the hard muscles underneath, or the taste of him. The scent of his clean sweat is all man; he has a rich, slightly spicy, woodsy scent that makes my mouth water. The rough stubble on his chin excites me as my fingers scrape over his jawline. Still, I feel like I should be freaking out, I’m lying virtually naked with another man. Why does this feel so right?

About JJ Harper

I’m J J Harper or Jess to my friends and family. I sit in my living room typing away, with my dog and a warm fire in the winter. And in the summer, I sit in the garden soaking up the sunshine, still tapping away on my laptop, still with my dog.  I write hot, sexy and lovable male romance with men that you wish you could keep to yourselves. I find it hard to share them 😉
I stumbled into writing after a suggestion from my husband set some seeds sowing in my head and the ideas started to flow. I have found something that I absolutely love doing. I’m a true romantic and always want to see a happy ever after in my books and in life.
I’m a mother and a wife but tend not to live by those definitions, I have still yet to work out how to act my age!! Lol. And I have no intentions of growing up or growing old gracefully, I live in a small very quiet village in Lincolnshire, UK, with my husband and my dog and spend all day dreaming up stories full of really hot men.

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