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Interview/Review for New Release: Rogue by Brynley Blake

Reeling from the death of her daring Navy SEAL brother, reserved McKenzie Prescott decides to honor him in the only way she can think of--by finishing his bucket list. Suddenly, she’s doing things she’s never dreamed of--like jumping off waterfalls...and inviting the intoxicating stranger she meets in Las Vegas to help her with some of the more racy items on the list…

Noah Payne used to be a Navy SEAL…until his job cost him his family. Now he wants revenge, and he’s not above playing dirty to get it. His current mission—to find a missing shipment of guns—is the last piece of the puzzle. But his only lead is Liam Prescott’s bucket list. Noah figures that by getting close to Liam’s sister, McKenzie, he’ll soon get his hands on the list. Only keeping his hands off a suddenly sexy McKenzie is turning out to be the real challenge!
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Rogue by Brynley Blake was a thrill ride of a read. There were hot, badass SEALs and a bucket list to die for. The chemistry between McKenzie and Noah was electric. The bucket list was my favorite part of this book and I can't wait to read the future books to see what else is on there! I hope that we get to meet more of Liam's (McKenzie's brother) SEAL team in Walker's book. I recommend this for anyone that loves military men, bucket lists full of risk, and sexy love scenes with a demanding alpha male. I will not give up hope that Liam may still be alive! Oh yeah, book two comes out on my birthday πŸŽ‰, hint hint! πŸ˜‰ 

Keep reading for my interview with Brynley and where you can purchase Rogue today!

My interview with Brynley Blake:

Why and how did you decide what went on the bucket list?

I love bucket lists and I have one of my own, so a lot of the items on Liam’s list were inspired by mine.  Some are sort of universal items.  And still others are clues Liam left.  But of course I can’t tell you which are which, or that would ruin the fun!  I can tell you that Rebel, the last book of the series, will include Liam’s bucket list in its entirety.

Have you ever done any of the things listed?

I’ve done a few of them, and I plan to do a lot more. Actually, looking back at the list to answer this question, I realize I haven’t done that many at all!  I have to get busy! I do have a tattoo. And I may have done a few of the more, um, intimate things on the list.  All in the name of research of course!  But I’m going to plead the fifth on specifics…

What was the most reckless and bold and fearless thing you've ever done?

I don’t have a great answer for this. I’m actually not really a thrill seeker, but I do LOVE adventures, being open to new experiences, and pushing myself a little beyond my comfort zone, so that accounts for some of the sort of reckless/bold/fearless things I’ve checked off my bucket list such as riding behind a guy on a motorcycle, getting a tattoo, making out with a stranger, having sex on the beach, riding in a hot air balloon, snorkeling, parasailing, ziplining, and taking a cross country road trip with friends that ended up with us on the band Heart’s tour bus at a truck stop at two in the morning, but that’s another story...  But sometimes the things that take the most boldness and courage are things like pursuing your dreams, risking your heart, standing up for yourself and what you believe in, and refusing to settle for anything less than wonderful.

Is it a possibility that Liam is still alive??? (I hope so, would make a great plot twist for a future book πŸ˜‰)  

Anything is possible πŸ˜‰

Will we meet all of Liam's SEAL team in future books? 

As you already know, readers will meet Walker in Renegade, the next book in the series.  Rebel, the third book, will wrap up the bucket list and the mystery of theguns, but I have loved writing about these alpha Navy SEALs, so it’s possible some other guys on the team may just keep the series going.

How long do I have to wait for Walker's book? 

Not long!  Renegade will be out August 15th.  I really fell in love with Gemma and Walker; hopefully my readers will too.

I was so into this book! I really want to know what happens next, it's gonna kill me to wait πŸ˜Š 

You just made my day!  I love hearing that.  

Go get your copy now!

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